Established 1870

Our History

This section will probably be under construction forever. Over the years, much of the documentation of the history of the Navarro County Bar Association in Corsicana, Texas has been lost to the winds of time. 

In late 2017, we began collecting evidence of our history and assembling the pieces. 

This much we know: The Navarro County Bar Association was founded in 1870 (Davis, Ellis Arthur & Grobe, Edwin H. The Encyclopedia of Texas, book, [1921 - 1922]; Dallas, Tex..) The first president was Colonel William Croft. The next president was Samuel R. Frost. Judge J. M. Blanding was the third president. The current president of the Navarro County Bar Association is Sarah Keathley. 

Eventually we hope to have a complete listing of all the presidents of the Navarro County Bar Association over it's almost 150 year history. 

An 1870 founding date makes the Navarro County Bar Association one of the oldest bar associations in Texas and the United States. Through our research, we have discovered that the concept of a organized "Bar Association" did not fully develop, so while lawyers have certainly congregated since time immemorial, they did not begin to organize themselves into professional associations until the late 19th Century. 

New York City (1870) is often cited as the oldest city bar association although the Houston Bar Association was also founded the same  year. The Galveston County Bar Association is the oldest in Texas (1846) and certainly one of the oldest in the United States. So, with a Bar Association founded in 1870, Navarro County can be proud of having a history of legal professionalism as extensive as other, far larger, metropolitan areas.